UCPH Quantum Hub is a bottom-up initiative with participation of scientist from Niels Bohr InstituteDepartment of Computer ScienceDepartment of Mathematichal SciencesDepartment of Chemistry and Department of Biology.

The UCPH Quantum Hub provides a framework for cross-departmental and cross-faculty collaboration between researchers interested in quantum information science across the University of Copenhagen.


Matthias Christandl (Department of Mathematical Sciences, chairman)

Anders Krogh (Department of Computer Science, Health Data Science at SUND)

Kresten Lindorff-Larsen (Department of Biology)

Charles M. Marcus (Niels Bohr Institute)

Eugene Polzik (Niels Bohr Institute)

Peter Lodahl (Niels Bohr Institute, suppleant)

Karsten Flensberg (Niels Bohr Institute, suppleant)

Stephan Sauer (Department of Chemistry)

Gemma Solomon (Department of Chemistry)

Jan Philip Solovej (Department of Mathematical Sciences)



Representatives from the UCPH faculties

Professor Matthias Christandl (Department of Mathematical Sciences)

Professor Eugene Polzik (Niels Bohr Institute)

Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen, SAMF ran@ifs.ku.dk

Professor Timo Minssen, JUR timo.minssen@jur.ku.dk

Prodekan for forskning, Heike Omerzu, TEOL ho@teol.ku.dk

Professor Vincent Hendricks, HUM vincent@hum.ku.dk

Associate Professor Bo Hjort Bentzen, SUND bobe@sund.ku.dk